AlgoBot TrendPanel for TradingView

Enhance your trading performance with AlgoBot TrendPanel. This dynamic and customizable TradingView overlay is created to offer thorough trend analysis across different timeframes. The indicator streamlines market evaluations by giving a quick overview of various technical indicators over specified timeframes, helping you make informed trading decisions more quickly.

Key Features:

Multi-Timeframe Analysis:

Monitor up to ten different timeframes simultaneously, allowing for a layered view of market trends.

Configurable Technical Columns:

You can tailor the panel to your analytical needs by choosing from the EMA, Time Frame Continuity, RSI, MACD, ADX, and Price Change percentage columns.

Indicator Customization:

Adjust the settings for each technical indicator such as EMA length, RSI thresholds, and MACD parameters to refine their responsiveness to market conditions.

Advanced Color Coding:

Use comprehensive color customization options to enhance visual clarity and highlight key trading signals.

Flexible Display Options:

Position the panel on your chart according to your preference—choose from multiple placement options, such as bottom-right, top-center, and more.

Compact and Informative:

Despite its compact design, the panel provides crucial information at a glance. It is an essential tool for traders who need to make quick decisions based on comprehensive data.

AlgoBot TrendPanel is not just an indicator; it’s a versatile multi-tool designed to enhance your trading strategy by providing a clear, concise view of market trends and potential entry and exit points. Whether you’re day trading or monitoring long-term trends, this indicator ensures you have all the necessary data to navigate the markets effectively.

AlgoBot TrendPanel Key Features Summary:

    • Crucial technical analysis parameters at a glance.
    • Up to 10 fully adjustable time frame slots.
    • Auto-hiding time frames that are lower than the chart timeframe.
    • Customizable set of columns – display only those you want to see.
    • Access to all indicators’ parameters.
    • Flexible theme colors, panel position and size.

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