AlgoBot ZigZag for TradingView

Unlock market patterns with AlgoBot ZigZag, your go-to TradingView indicator based on the esteemed Gann Swing method. This tool is engineered for traders who require clarity in market direction and strength, and its design emphasizes the market structure’s fundamental highs and lows.

Key Features

Tailored Trend Detection:

Set the ‘Number of Trend Bars’ to your preference. This allows you to customize the look-back period that defines the sensitivity of trend changes.

Outside Bar Handling:

With the ‘Handle Outside Bars’ feature, choose how the indicator reacts to Outside Bars, either incorporating their high and low into the swing analysis or omitting them for a traditional swing approach.

Zig Zag Visualization:

Activate ‘Show ZigZag’ to unveil clear paths of the market trend and identify pivotal accumulation and distribution zones.

Line Customization:

Personalize your chart with adjustable ‘Line width’, ‘Line style’, and ‘Line color’ settings, enhancing the visibility of ZigZag patterns.

Bar Types Indicator:

The option to ‘Show Bar Types’ provides a granular view of each candle’s behavior—UpBar, DownBar, InsideBar, OutsideBar, or FalseBar—aiding in the interpretation of candlestick patterns.

Market Structure Clarity:

Enable ‘Show Market Structure’ to display labels such as Higher High (HH), Lower High (LH), Higher Low (HL), and Lower Low (LL), along with Equal Highs (EQH) and Equal Lows (EQL), which are essential to understanding the overall market movement.

Aesthetic Preferences:

Choose the ‘Size’ and ‘Label color’ for market structure annotations, ensuring they complement your chart setup and don’t clutter your analysis.

With AlgoBot ZigZag , navigating through the waves of the market becomes an intuitive process, providing a cleaner, more organized charting experience. Incorporate this powerful tool into your TradingView platform and take advantage of its ability to expose the underlying market structure at a glance.

AlgoBot ZigZag Key Features Summary:

  • Based on the Gann Swing method – almost no lag.
  • A customizable number of bars to start a new swing.
  • Unique option to handle Outside Bars.
  • Customizable ZigZag line.
  • Get more insight into the market by showing bar types.
  • Analyze the Market Structure with customizable labels at swing points.

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