AlgoBot Reversal System for TradingView

Enhance your trading strategy with AlgoBot Reversal, an advanced TradingView overlay designed to pinpoint potential market reversals with high precision. This tool integrates critical technical analysis techniques and a flexible condition management system to help traders capitalize on shift points in market trends.

Key Features:

Market Structure Analysis:

It automatically identifies and labels key structural points, such as higher highs and lower Lows, clarifying potential reversal zones. Optionally, it shows ZigZag to help spot market trends and phases.

Switch On/Off Conditions:

Easily toggle various conditions such as price change percentage, volume spikes, RSI, MFI, and Bollinger Bands to see how different combinations affect the signals, offering a customizable trading experience.

Adjust Technical Indicators and Control Signal Sensitivity:

Fine-tune parameters like the number of trend bars, RSI and MFI lengths, and Bollinger Bands settings to adapt the indicator to different market environments and trading styles.Modify settings that impact signal generation sensitivity, such as the lookback period for price changes and volume increase thresholds, to ensure that the signals align with your risk tolerance and trading strategy.

Highlight Key Moments:

You can highlight signal and alert candles directly on your chart, making it easier to spot critical moments at a glance. Additionally, you can color candles that meet the Price Change percentage threshold.

Money Management Tools:

Although the indicator focuses on entry points, you can set multiple take-profit levels, stop-loss, and breakeven trailing to send in the alerts, helping traders manage trades effectively and protect gains.

Flexible Alerts:

Configure alerts based on complex conditions and use placeholders to send tailored alert messages.

AlgoBot Reversal System Key Features Summary:

  • Display market structure and use it as one of the conditions
  • Optional ZigZag makes it easier to read the market trend and phase
  • A multi-conditional system of signals provides flexibility
  • Access to technical analysis indicator settings allows fine-tuning
  • Option to highlight signal and alert candles
  • Mark candles that meet price change % condition
  • Simple money management system that can produce alerts with TP/SL/BE data
  • Flexible alerts with placeholders to send alert messages as you need

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