AlgoBot Imbalance Finder for TradingView

Enhance your market analysis with AlgoBot Imbalance Finder, a sophisticated TradingView overlay designed to identify and visualize significant imbalances in trading activity. This tool is indispensable for traders focusing on volume, gaps, and session-specific strategies.

Key Features:

Fair Value Gaps (FVGs):

Detect and highlight Fair Value Gaps, which occur when the price skips over a range without significant trading. These gaps often signal strong buying or selling pressures and can provide insights into potential areas of support or resistance.

Volume Imbalance (VI):

Uncover areas where buy or sell volumes are significantly disproportionate, which might indicate ongoing accumulation or distribution. Customize the minimum size of imbalances to ensure only significant ones are displayed.

Opening Gaps (OG):

Identify and display opening gaps when the opening price significantly deviates from the previous session’s closing price, often driven by overnight news or events. These gaps can also be observed during the session in situations of increased volatility.

ICT Silver Bullet Sessions:

Utilize the integrated timing for ICT Silver Bullet sessions, pinpointing critical periods during the London and New York trading hours known for their high probability setups. The customizable sessions could highlight trading hours other than Silver Bullet periods.


Adjust the visual elements, such as colors and optional arrows, to fit your chart style preferences.


Set alerts for newly formed imbalances or gaps to ensure you never miss a trading opportunity.

AlgoBot Imbalance Finder is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution that empowers traders to make informed decisions based on detailed, real-time analysis of market imbalances. Add this powerful indicator to your TradingView arsenal to refine your trading strategies and enhance your market understanding.

AlgoBot Imbalance Finder Key Features Summary:

  • Mark different kinds of imbalances on the chart.
  • FVG (Fair Value Gap), VI (Volume Imbalance), and OG (Opening Gap) are available.
  • Display VI and OG Arrows to make it easier to find them on the chart (they are often small)
  • Limit the minimal size of VI and OG to focus on the most important occurrences.
  • Highlight the chart background during ICT Silver Bullet periods or use it to mark your periods.
  • Hide the Silver Bullet sessions below the specified timeframe to keep your chart clean.
  • Customize the colors to suit your chart style.

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