Top 10 Ripple Trading Bots of 2024

Ripple is a popular cryptocurrency that’s traded 24/7. This nonstop cycle makes it challenging to effectively monitor price movements and trends.

This is why many traders turn to trading bots.

In this guide, we discover the best Ripple trading bot for your goals. We also discuss their fundamentals, advantages, and limitations, and how to get started as a beginner.

List of the Best Ripple Trading Bots for 2024:

Below, we outline the best Ripple trading bots in today’s market:

  1. AlgobotOverall, the best Ripple trading bot with full automation. Designed with over 17,000 lines of code to trade XRP in bullish and bearish markets. Has a win rate of over 81%.
  2. CryptoHopper – Lets you build Ripple trading bots with predefined strategies. You can also download ready-made strategies or signals, which is ideal for beginners.
  3. WunderTrading – Automate Ripple trades based on TradingView signals. Also offers prebuilt strategies such as grid, swing, spread, and DCA trading. Copy trading is also supported.
  4. KuCoin – A popular crypto trading platform with automated bots. You can choose between six different strategies to trade or invest in Ripple passively.
  5. Bitsgap – Top Ripple trading bot for those seeking a high-risk-reward strategy. The Bitsgap combo bot can automatically trade XRP with up to 10x leverage. Other strategies are supported – such as BTD, DCA, and grid.
  6. OKX – Offers several intelligent prebuilt bots for trading Ripple. You can also access trading bots created by other users. Filter the bots based on runtime, drawdown, and strategy.
  7. Coinrule – Automated crypto trading platform with 20+ prebuilt bots. Supports trading with over 40 different crypto exchanges.
  8. 3Commas – A leading platform providing numerous Ripple trading bots. Use a predefined bot for grid trading or scalping. Alternatively, invest in Ripple for the long term using the DCA strategy.
  9. GoodCrypto – This trading bot is available as an app for iOS and Android, plus PC users. GoodCrypto bots connect to 35 exchanges and run three trading strategies. This includes grid, DCA, and infinity trail.
  10. Bitget – Trade XRP passively with AI-based bots. Users can choose a predefined bot or create one on their own. It’s also possible to copy other traders or prebuilt bots.

Top 10 Best Ripple Trading Bots of 2024: In-Depth Reviews & Comparisons

In this section, we review the top Ripple trading bots in detail, covering their features, benefits, and limitations.

1. Algobot – Overall Best Ripple Trading Bot Based on AI

Algobot is one of the best Ripple trading bots to consider today. This bot allows users to trade crypto without technical analysis expertise. Algobot is trained in AI and machine learning algorithms. It’s designed to sift through market data constantly and generate Ripple trading signals.

Meaning – you don’t need to glue yourself to the Ripple charting screen. Instead, connect Algobot to your preferred exchange to run your Ripple trades passively. The bot efficiently manages each position by setting appropriate take-profit and stop-loss orders. You can also choose a risk management strategy based on your goals.

Algobot homepage

Based on backtesting results, Algobot has a win rate of over 81%. You can also test this bot via demo accounts before taking it live. Moreover, Algobot can be used in fully automated, semi-automated, and manual modes. This makes the bot apt for first-time traders and professionals alike.

Algobot has three paid plans – at $44.99, $55.99, and $109.99 a month. You can also get up to 11% off by paying annually. Each plan provides you with Algobot indicators and premium support. Algobot also supports automated trading for other crypto coins, as well as stocks, forex, commodities, and indices.


  • Fully automated Ripple trading bot
  • Comes with risk level customization
  • Compatible with all leading crypto exchanges
  • Can work in demo mode
  • A win rate of over 81%


  • Monthly subscription required
  • Profits aren’t guaranteed

2. CryptoHopper – Create or Download a Strategy to Automatically Trade Ripple 

Cryptohopper has a friendly interface, making it easy for new users to get on board. Creating a Ripple trading bot with Cryptohopper is simple. The platform comes with a variety of predefined strategies. You can choose one and set risk parameters, and the CryptoHopper bot will do the rest.

Alternatively, you can create your own trading strategy or download one from the marketplace. CryptoHopper also facilitates strategy backtesting. You can also disable strategies altogether and directly follow signals from third parties. If you don’t want to set up a bot, copy trading is also available.

Cryptohopper homepage

For fund management, CryptoHopper supports dollar cost averaging. You can link multiple exchange accounts and manage your portfolio from a single dashboard. Moreover, Cryptohopper is hosted in the cloud. Meaning – bots run 24/7 even when you are logged out of the platform.

You can also access Cryptophopper from the web, a phone, and even a smartwatch. In terms of pricing, CryptoHopper provides a 3-day trial, allowing you to test its bots before committing. Standard plans range from $24.16 to $107.5 a month.


  • Build Ripple bots from scratch using predefined strategies
  • Backtest new bots risk-free
  • Supports paper trading
  • Copy Ripple trades from seasoned pros


  • Paid plan required to access bots
  • The free trial only lasts for 3 days

3. WunderTrading – Automate Ripple Trading With TradingView Scripts 

WunderTrading is an innovative crypto bot platform. One of its most attractive tools is the TradingView bot. It uses PineScript to create customizable trading strategies and indicators from TradingView charts. Traders can backtest these strategies for fine-tuning and then automate them via WunderTrading.

If you need prebuilt strategies, WunderTrading offers dedicated bots for grid, swing, spread, and DCA trading. WunderTrading also comes with one of the best AI trading bots for Ripple. This bot is fully automated to scour the market and find trading opportunities passively. You can also set up bots for copy trading.

Ripple trading bot

Additionally, WunderTrading offers plenty of customization. For instance, you can limit the number of trades, specify order sizes in percentage or fixed amounts, and set stop-loss orders.  WunderTrading has a free plan for copy trading. However, to access automated trading bots, you need to pay subscription fees.

Pricing varies from $4.95 to $89.95 a month, depending on the number of bots required. Annual options are also available at a 30% discount. You can also get a 7-day trial period as a new user. WunderTrading bots are compatible with 16 popular crypto exchanges.


  • Automate Ripple trades based on TradingView signals
  • Wide range of customization tools
  • Trade Ripple with 16 exchanges
  • Multiple trading bots with different strategies


  • Free plan only supports copy trading
  • Bots aren’t entirely beginner-friendly

4. KuCoin – Use DCA Trading Bots to Invest in Ripple Passively

A leading crypto exchange, KuCoin, offers a variety of in-house trading bots. These bots can trade hundreds of crypto coins, including Ripple. The key advantage is that bots can be integrated directly into KuCoin’s trading platform without using APIs.

For Ripple, KuCoin provides bots with strategies such as spot, future, martingale, and infinity grid. You can also set up regular investments into Ripple with KuCoin’s DCA bot. Furthermore, the Smart Rebalance bot can dynamically adjust your portfolio based on market conditions. This aims to buy XRP when the price is low and sell when it’s high.


KuCoin also lets users modify different parameters of the bot. For instance, you can decide the investment amount, and set up stop-loss and take-profit orders. The only fee involved with KuCoin bots is the standard trading commission. Currently, you can create up to 10 free trading bots with one KuCoin account.


  • Access Ripple bots without APIs
  • Use up to 10 trading bots with one account
  • Customize fund allocation and risk-management orders
  • Five different trading strategies are available


  • Doesn’t hold any tier-one licenses
  • Bots can be used only within KuCoin

5. Bitsgap – Offers Up to 10x  Leverage for Ripple Futures

Bitsgap is a dedicated crypto platform offering trading bots. There are six different trading bots to choose from. Bots can be selected based on the strategy and the trader’s risk level. For instance, if you’re looking for a systematic investment in Ripple, DCA bots are available. Bitsgap also has a grid bot that lets you capitalize on sideways markets.

You can also take advantage of Ripple’s price dips using the BTD bot. It identifies suitable declines and buys XRP at low prices to maximize your profits. Additionally, the Bitsgap combo bot lets you trade Ripple futures with up to 10x leverage. The combo bot uses multiple strategies to identify high-risk-reward trading opportunities.


Most importantly, you can customize all of these bots to fit your trading goals. Bitsgap bots can be connected to the most popular Ripple exchanges. This includes Binance, Kraken, Bybit, Huobi, and Coinbase. Bitsgap pricing starts at $22 a month. You can choose a plan depending on the number of active bots needed. There is also a free plan that lets you use Ripple trading bots in demo mode.


  • Multiple strategies supported
  • Up to 10x leverage with the combo bot
  • All bots can be customized
  • Connects with all leading exchanges
  • Supports both desktop and mobile trading


  • The free plan only supports demo trading
  • Past performance metrics vary widely

6. OKX – Popular Crypto Exchange With Automated Bot Trading

If you’re looking for a crypto exchange with integrated trading bots, consider OKX. It offers a marketplace featuring a wide variety of bot strategies. There are close to 40 Ripple trading bots available, developed by other OKX users.

Additionally, you can also choose crypto bots designed by OKX itself. These are based on different strategies, such as DCA, arbitrage, spot trading, and slicing. You can also customize existing strategies and create a Ripple trading bot from the ground up.


OKX has user-friendly filters that help you find the right Ripple trading bot. You can search for bots based on their runtime, strategy, PnL%, and drawdown ratio. Bots are completely free for all OKX users. Newbies will like OKX’s academy, which explains every step of using a Ripple trading bot.


  • Many predefined trading bots to choose from
  • Offers trading bots created by other users
  • Customize bots to align with your risk profile
  • No additional subscription costs


  • Can only be used with OKX
  • Isn’t available in the US

7. Coinrule – Choose From 20 Different Prebuilt Ripple Bot Strategies 

Coinrule is another platform known for its automated trading features. Perhaps the biggest attraction of this platform is the variety of strategies offered. There are over 20 different Ripple trading bots here. You can find bots based on technical indicators such as the RSI, moving averages, MACD, Bollinger Bands, and more.

There are also bots featuring readymade strategies, such as trend following, scalping, swing trading, and buy-the-dip. You can also create bots with your own rules. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional, you will find a bot that caters to your goals. Moreover, Coinrule features tons of learning resources to enhance the trading experience.


Coinrule can be used on 40+ leading crypto exchanges. This includes Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitpanda, and OKX. Coinrule offers a free package that comes with one connected exchange and three bot templates. To access the full set of features, you will have to pay $449.99 a month.


  • Over 20 predefined bots
  • Create your own bot rules
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • User-friendly interface


  • Premium plans are costly
  • Doesn’t facilitate DEX trading

8. 3Commas – Established XRP Bot Platform Suitable for All Skill Levels

Next up we have 3Commas, one of the most popular crypto trading bot providers in the industry. It offers a wide variety of automated strategies for Ripple. This includes scalping, grid, dollar-cost averaging, and more. You can also execute Ripple trades via signal-based bots.

In this case, you can use webhooks to turn alerts from indicators to trade orders. 3Commas can be connected to TradingView and IFTTT automation, plus Java and Python scripts. Each 3Commas bot comes with detailed analytics, advanced order types, transaction logs, and risk settings.


Additionally, 3Commas also supports copy trading. Users can connect 3Commas to 14 leading Ripple exchanges. The platform offers plenty of additional tools, including manual investing strategies, backtesting, and demo trading.

3Commas offers three plans, including a free one. However, to access its prebuilt bots, you need the Pro plan, which costs $37 a month, or the Expert plan, at $59. The main issue is that 3Commas has encountered multiple security issues in the past, which will be a concern for most users.


  • Supports automated Ripple trading via 14 exchanges
  • Offers a wide selection of trading tools
  • Features multiple prebuilt strategies
  • Setup signal bots via Webhooks


  • Free plans don’t support bots
  • Security issues reported in the past

9. GoodCrypto – Launch Ripple Trading Bots via a Mobile App

GoodCrypto is a leading trading interface for digital currencies. It also comes with three different automated Ripple trading bots. For active traders, GoodCrypto offers bots using grid and infinity trail strategies. The other bot uses dollar cost averaging, allowing you to invest in Ripple at regular intervals.

GoodCrypto can be linked to 35 exchanges, each supporting Ripple. You can connect GoodCrypto to your chosen exchange with an API key and use the bot immediately. Moreover, GoodCrypto is also one of the few Ripple trading bots available as a mobile app.


In terms of pricing, you’ll pay $8.30 a month to access Ripple trading bots. New users can opt for the 14-day free trial. GoodCrypto also offers real-time portfolio tracking, advanced charting tools, technical indicators, and price alerts.


  • Integrates via APIs with 35 Ripple exchanges
  • Available as a mobile app for iOS, Android, and PC
  • 45+ technical indicators and charting tools
  • Competitive pricing plans


  • Limited customization is available
  • Only three trading strategies to choose from

10. Bitget – Trade Ripple With Predefined Bots or Copy Trading 

Bitget is another leading crypto trading platform offering in-house AI bots. These bots are cloud-based and run 24/7 to capture market fluctuations. Bitget features a variety of predefined bots for spot grid, futures, CTA, auto-invest, and more. Every week, the top-performing bots are showcased on the platform with relevant statistics.

Alternatively, you can also create a bot manually. Bitget supports over 30 crypto pairs, including XRP/USDT. Moreover, there are no additional charges when deploying bots. Users simply need to cover standard trading commissions.


Aside from its strategy-based bots, Bitget also supports copy trading. Here, you can subscribe to different trading professionals to automatically copy their trades. Subscription fees vary from 1 to 50 USDT per month, depending on the trader.


  • Variety of bots with predefined strategies
  • Supports 30 crypto pairs, including XRP/USDT
  • Only pay the standard trading commission when deploying bots
  • Also offers copy trading tools


  • Subscription fees are involved when copy trading
  • Strategy-based bots are not beginner-friendly

What are Ripple Trading Bots and How do They Work? 

Ripple trading bots are automated software programs that facilitate XRP trades on your behalf. These bots leverage algorithms to scan market data, follow predefined strategies, and place trades. In other words, Ripple trading bots allow you to trade XRP passively.

How a Ripple trading bot works is determined by the strategies and indicators embedded into its code. These parameters can range from simple to complex. For instance, some bots can switch between multiple strategies, such as scalping, swing, day trading, or arbitrage. On the other hand, some bots use only one specific rule.

These strategies are created using an arsenal of technical indicators, such as the RSI, moving averages, volume indicators, MACD, Bollinger Bands, and more. Bots can also consider aspects like order book depth, price action, time frame, and trading volume.

In other words, a Ripple trading bot can scan every aspect of market analysis. When the market conditions of Ripple match the bot’s strategies, it will carry out the trade.

Here is an example of how a Ripple trading bot works:

  • Let’s say the bot has spotted a trading opportunity for XRP/USDT
  • Using the RSI, the bot infers that Ripple is overbought.
  • The bot then generates a signal to sell XRP/USDT to capitalize on the potential downtrend.
  • It then executes the trade via the connected exchange.
  • The bot will also place stop-loss and take-profit orders.
  • Based on predetermined price points, the respective orders will be executed.

Although the best Ripple trading bots are fully automated, they also give users control over the risk level. For instance, you can choose a risk-reward ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 based on your goals. All in all, Ripple bots offer a completely passive experience.

Advantages of Ripple Trading Bots

Bots are increasingly popular these days. And with good reason. Below, we explore some of the key benefits offered by Ripple trading bots.

Continuous Monitoring 

Ripple is traded around the clock – the markets never sleep. Trading bots analyze the market 24/7. They use technical indicators and historical price action and constantly search for trading opportunities.

This means the bot can place Ripple trades when you’re offline or even asleep. This continuous analysis helps capture more profitable trades – no matter the time zone.

Suitable for All Levels of Traders 

Bots are suitable for all skill levels. For instance, most Ripple trading bots offer a user-friendly interface and prebuilt strategies. Meaning, you don’t need deep technical trading knowledge to get started. Automation further reduces the need for constant market monitoring. In this way, the best Ripple trading bots are ideal for beginners.


On the other hand, there are also reprogrammable Ripple trading bots. These bots allow users to build new strategies, set specific parameters, and backtest their approaches, giving more control over trades. Such bots work well for intermediate or experienced traders to refine their techniques.

Professional traders can also leverage the advanced features of bots, such as algorithmic trading. In other words, Ripple bots cater to a wide range of trading needs.

No Emotional Trading 

Another advantage of using Ripple trading bots is emotionless decision-making. In manual trading, we are often influenced by fear, anxiety, and greed. This can lead to impulsive decisions, which in turn can lead to poor trading outcomes.

On the contrary, Ripple trading bots operate based on a predefined program. They’re more disciplined and react without emotion, irrespective of market conditions, potentially leading to better trading results.

Execute Positions Rapidly 

Speed is crucial when trading a volatile crypto coin like Ripple. The XRP price sentiment can change swiftly, so you often need to react immediately to capitalize. Moreover, for strategies like scalping and arbitrage, trades often need to be executed in seconds to make profits.

A Ripple trading bot can react instantaneously to market movements. This ensures that trades are executed at the best entry point. Moreover, bots can manage multiple strategies simultaneously, which will be challenging if not impossible for human traders.

Limitations of Ripple Trading Bots

Ripple trading bots can be highly effective. They can help you save time, react quickly to market movements, and execute trades swiftly. However, they also have limitations. One major limitation is their reliance on pre-programmed algorithms.

Meaning – bots are trained on specific conditions, which might not adapt well to unprecedented events. For instance, algorithms might not interpret news developments or economic crises. Additionally, the effectiveness of a trading bot is only as good as its underlying strategy.


Poorly designed or over-optimized strategies can result in subpar performance. Moreover, overfitting historical data is a common issue that can make bots inadequate. This happens when the bot is trained to a set of historical price data, meaning it performs poorly in real market conditions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Ripple Bots

If you’re unsure which bot is right for you, read on. Below, we explain what to consider when choosing the best Ripple trading bot for your goals.

Your Experience Level 

As mentioned, the best Ripple trading bots come in all shapes and sizes. While some offer prebuilt strategies, others facilitate customization. If you’re a beginner, you might prefer fully automated bots. For instance, Algobot can be automated for every trading angle, from market monitoring to trade execution.

On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned trader, you might want some wiggle room for customization. With Algobot, you can switch to semi-automated and manual modes to gain more control over your positions.

The Bot’s Track Record 

As with any investment product, choosing the right Ripple trading bot requires due diligence. Stick with bots that have a proven track record of strong performance.

The best Ripple trading bots feature their historical win rate and backtest results. Additionally, you can research user reviews, case studies, and performance statistics to gain more insight.

Available Strategies 

It’s important to consider which strategies are supported by the bot. Here is a recap of the most popular strategies:

  • Automated bots – These come with preprogrammed algorithms that buy and sell Ripple automatically. You simply need to set the risk level and the bot will run on autopilot.
  • Custom bots – Some platforms let you build a bot from scratch. You can use your own strategy or one that’s been developed by another trader.
  • Copy trading – You can designate a bot to follow a successful Ripple investor. You can set the maximum position limit and risk level.

Each of these options has its own benefits and drawbacks. Research each independently before making a decision.

Supported Exchanges

Once you’ve established the bot’s performance, check which exchanges are supported. If you already have an exchange account, ensure the bot can be linked to it. Most bots can be connected to exchanges with an API key or third-party integrations like Cornix.

Supported brokers

If you aren’t currently signed up with an exchange, choose one that offers sufficient liquidity for Ripple. This will minimize the slippage, which is crucial when using strategies like arbitrage and scalping. Moreover, opt for exchanges that have low trading commissions and tight spreads. Otherwise, fees will eat into your potential profits.


The best Ripple trading bots aren’t free. After all, if someone has developed a top-notch program that generates automatic profits, why would they give it away for free? However, some bots cost more than others. When evaluating pricing, consider the following:

  • How many bots are accessible with the plan?
  • Does the plan include future updates?
  • Is customer support available?
  • Are there extra features accessible?

Aside from the cost of trading bots, you must also consider commissions charged by exchanges. If not chosen carefully, the cost of bots could significantly reduce your overall profit.

Risk Management 

While bots offer a hands-off approach to crypto, they also come with risks. This is why the best Ripple trading bots offer risk management tools.

  • Some bots let you customize the maximum risk-reward ratio.
  • You can also define the percentage of funds you want to risk on each position.
  • Additionally, you can define the stop-loss levels.

For instance, you can specify a stop-loss level of 20%. If the position declines by 20%, the bot will automatically close it.

With such tools, managing a bot becomes easier. This is why you should check what risk management features are offered before choosing a Ripple trading bot.

How to Connect Ripple Trading Bots With Crypto Exchanges?

Typically, Ripple trading bots are connected to exchanges via API keys.

Here are some common steps required:

  • Choose a suitable Ripple trading bot that’s compatible with your preferred exchange.
  • Login to your exchange account and navigate to the API section.
  • Generate the API code following the instructions provided by the exchange.
  • Copy-paste the API code to your bot.
  • Test the connection to ensure the bot can access your exchange account.

With API connections, the bot can access real-time trading data and place orders. But, they can’t deposit or withdraw funds.

However, if you’re using a bot provided by an exchange (like KuCoin or Binance), there is no need for an API. These bots are already integrated directly into the exchange.


In a nutshell, Ripple trading bots offer many advantages to both professional and aspiring traders. These bots can scan the market 24/7 and let you trade passively. If you’re yet to choose a provider – check out Algobot.

Algobot has an 81% win rate and integrates with all leading crypto exchanges. Additionally, it can be fully automated to trade Ripple and is thus apt for beginners. Algobot also lets you choose your risk profile and can be traded in demo mode.


What is a Ripple trading bot?

A Ripple trading bot lets you trade XRP passively. The best Ripple trading bots can scan the market, identify profitable trades, and execute them 24/7 without human intervention.

Can beginners trade Ripple with bots?

Yes, there are several beginner-friendly Ripple trading bots. These come with prebuilt strategies and can scan the market to place trades 24/7.

Are Ripple trading bots really profitable?

Crypto trading bots can generate profits and losses, depending on their strategy and risk settings. Before using a bot in the live market, it’s best to backtest it and deploy it in demo mode.

Which is the best Ripple trading bot?

Algobot offers the best Ripple trading bot. It’s fully autonomous and lets you trade Ripple passively. You can adjust the bot to your desired risk setting.

Is trading Ripple risky?

Ripple is a highly volatile crypto coin. While bots can help increase trading efficiency, the price of Ripple can fluctuate rapidly at any time. As with any cryptocurrency, thorough research and risk management are essential.