AlgoBot Key Levels for TradingView

Discover the essence of market structure with AlgoBot Key Levels, the definitive tool for traders on TradingView seeking to harness the power of core price levels across multiple timeframes. This advanced indicator allows for an in-depth look at pivotal price points that can be crucial for decision-making in any trading strategy.

Key Features:

Abbreviation and Color Modes:

Use abbreviations for level names for a cleaner chart, and enable one-color mode to maintain visual consistency.

Outlier Management:

Hide outlier levels that could compress the chart, keeping your focus on the most relevant price levels.

Comprehensive Core Levels:

Monitor key levels across intraday to yearly timeframes, including Open, Previous High/Low, and Midpoints, ensuring you have all the necessary data points at your fingertips. You can toggle every H/L, Open, and Mid-level to keep your chart clean.

Customizable Timeframes:

With the ability to set the intraday timeframe to your preferences, AlgoBot Key Levels adapts to various trading styles, from scalping to swing trading.

Monday Range:

Specifically, track Monday’s high and low levels for strategies that capitalize on the start-of-week volatility.

Daily Pivots:

Access Traditional, Fibonacci, Woodie’s, and other pivot types for additional support and resistance levels.

Dynamic VWAP:

Visualize the Volume-Weighted Average Price with the option to anchor it daily, weekly, or monthly, complete with a glowing effect for better visibility. VWAP very often acts as a S/R level.

Hover to see the Price:

Point the cursor over the level name to see the level price. Don’t waste time to read it from the scale.

Visual Customization:

Tailor label spacing, text size, and line styles to fit your charting needs, ensuring the information is presented just the way you like it.

AlgoBot Key Levels is more than an indicator—it’s a comprehensive suite that provides a top-down view of market levels that are often respected by price action. Whether you’re looking to refine your entry points or identify potential reversals, AlgoBot Key Levels gives you the clarity you need. Enhance your TradingView experience by integrating this powerful tool into your trading arsenal.

AlgoBot Key Levels Key Features Summary:

  • Mark Intraday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly levels.
  • Present the Monday Range, which is often used as a reference for the whole week.
  • Optional daily Pivot points as one of six commonly used types.
  • Show the daily/weekly/monthly VWAP and utilize it at the dynamic S/R level.
  • The anti-chart-squeeze feature hides outliers that are more than x% from the current price.
  • Use the level’s full name or abbreviations (e.g., Previous Day High or PDH).
  • Quickly switch to one color theme.
  • Customize the colors, line styles, and thickness to adapt the indicator to your preferred look.

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