AlgoBot DP Screener PRO

Boost your trading analytics with the AlgoBot DP Screener PRO, the advanced version of our AlgoBot DP Screener. Designed for the discerning trader, this tool offers advanced functionalities to scrutinize and respond to market dynamics swiftly. With an additional column displaying the Price Change percentage over the selected lookback period, traders can prioritize potential entry points before delving into detailed POI (Point of Interest) and EX (Exhaustion/Exit) point analyses.

Key Features:

Dynamic Price Change Tracking:

It incorporates a newly enhanced mechanism that calculates and displays percentage price changes, allowing traders to assess market movements quickly and set up entry points accordingly.

Sophisticated Alert System:

Utilizes a sophisticated queue mechanism to send instant alerts when predetermined price change thresholds are met, ensuring traders do not miss vital market movements. This queue mechanism is essential due to TradingView limitations that allow up to 15 alerts every 3 minutes for the given indicator. To avoid missing any alerts and prevent TradingView from stopping alerts, we incorporated the queue functionality.

Enhanced Customization Options:

Offers the ability to adjust ticker name and data column widths separately, apply custom color highlights for price change alerts, and remove specific elements like ‘USDT’ from ticker names for a cleaner display.

New Signals Hide Functionality:

Now, you can hide POI/EX signals that are irrelevant if they don’t meet the number of consecutive occurrences specified in Multiple-POI/EX inputs. This helpful feature allows you to keep track of only essential market opportunities.

Advanced POI and EX Settings:

Fine-tune your analysis with adjustable sensitivity settings for detecting decision and exhaustion points, giving traders nuanced control over signal detection.

Comprehensive Alerts:

Configurable alerts for POI, EX, and price changes include multiple notification options and the ability to filter alerts for enhanced relevance. Optional cross-checking functionality will send only these POI/EX alerts that appeared after a specified price move detected by the price change monitoring feature.

Perfect for traders looking to harness the power of advanced automated screening with a touch of personalization, the AlgoBot DP Screener PRO is your next step toward more informed and effective trading decisions.

AlgoBot DP Screener PRO Key Features Summary:

  • Advanced version of the AlgoBot DP Screener packed with new features
  • Additional data column with Price Change % gives even more insight into the market
  • Sophisticated alert queue system to workaround TradingView limitations
  • Cross-check alerts between POI/EX and Price CHG% signals, and get alerted only on substantial market opportunities
  • Option to remove “USDT” from the tickers’ name in the table
  • Option to hide Multi-POI/EX signals if they do not meet the number of consecutive occurrences
  • There are even more options to style the screener with separate width inputs for name and data columns

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