AlgoBot Decision Point Screener for TradingView

Elevate your market analysis with the AlgoBot Decision Point Screener (AlgoBot DP Screener) a versatile and powerful screener for the TradingView platform, meticulously designed to monitor multiple markets simultaneously. Effortlessly keep an eye on up to 40 instruments per instance,allowing for comprehensive oversight of market movements.

Key Features

Efficient Market Surveillance:

The AlgoBot DP Screener empowers traders by providing real-time signals for Decision Points (POI) and Exhaustion/Exit (EX) across a multitude of markets. Monitor consecutive signals and
the time since the last trigger to make informed decisions.

Ticker Import Functionality:

Experience seamless market integration with the ability to import tickers directly from a CSV list(several formats are accepted). This innovative feature ensures that you can swiftly update and manage your market lists with ease. For a hands-on approach, use the TradingView asset selector to customize your screening list.

Customizable Sensitivity Settings:

Adjust the POI and Exhaustion/Exit point sensitivities to tailor the screener to your trading style. Sensitivity settings range from 12 for broader overviews to 1 for pinpoint accuracy, providing early alerts for potential market movements and decision zones.

Consecutive Signal Alerts:

Stay ahead with special alerts for multiple consecutive POI or EX signals, enabling you to detect and respond to persistent market conditions that may indicate significant trends or reversals.

Personalized Visual Experience:

Tailor the screener’s aesthetics to fit your preferences with customizable themes. Alter the appearance of ticker cells, signals, and header backgrounds, ensuring the data is not only
informative but also pleasing to your visual palette.

Smart Alert Messaging:

Configure alert messages with dynamic placeholders for timeframe, candle time, tickers with active POI or EX signals, and add screener name if needed. This feature keeps you informed
with precise and relevant alert notifications.

Streamlined Interface:

A user-friendly interface with adjustable column width and an organized display system means you can navigate the screener with efficiency and ease.
The AlgoBot DP Screener is an indispensable tool for traders who demand a high-level perspective of the markets. Whether you manage several instruments or focus on specific
sectors, this screener will ensure you are always one step ahead in the ever-evolving trading landscape.

How to read POI & EX signals

POI (Point of Interest) signals indicate the potential commencement of a new price movement within the next few bars on the chart. While they do not explicitly specify the direction of this impending move, traders can make informed predictions by analyzing recent price action, prevailing trends, and other contextual factors. On the other hand, EX (Exhaustion) points signify areas on the price chart where exhaustion in the ongoing price movement is anticipated, often correlating with the culmination of the last price swing. However, it’s important to note that an EX point does not necessarily imply a reversal; rather, it could denote a period of consolidation and then the initiation of another leg in the same direction. Typically, EX points present opportune moments for traders to consider taking partial profits or closing a trade, allowing them to await further price clarification before making their next move. POI and EX points should be taken as concentration launchers for the trader, who should analyze the signal location and plan the trade according to the strategy used and money management.

AlgoBot Decision Points Screener Key Features Summary:

  • Analyze up to 40 markets in one script instance.
  • Add additional instances to cover the whole market, e.g, 7 instances, and you can see all BINANCE Futures USDT.P pairs
  • Import tickers from CSV lists. This proprietary function accepts many formats.
  • Select tickers using the TradingView asset selector if you don’t want to use CSV import.
  • The screener is fully customizable. Decide about colors, borders, frames, etc.
  • Flexible alerts will inform you about any new decision points with text as you want.
  • Separate alert messages for single and consecutive signals

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