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3 March, 2023

Aave (AAVE)

This is an open-source, non-custodial, decentralized finance protocol. Their sole purpose is to be used for borrowing and lending cryptocurrency. Also, users can keep their crypto with them for interest or loan crypto with an adjustable interest rate.

Aave Arc is a liquidity pool that was created for organizations. Also, Aave Arc has KYC requirements to comply with regulations, and various institutional investors have invested in Aave. As of the time of this writing, Aave has a Twitter presence of more than five 522.8K followers. They also have a Reddit community population of over 16K subscribers, 15K Telegram followers, and Discord members of about 22k.

Compound (COMP)

With a compound, users can earn interest and obtain a crypto loan while using their digital assets as collateral. Compound is an ERC-20 native coin, and it is also the protocol’s governance coin. COMP has been extensively used as a pioneer in the decentralized finance sector and has developed a huge and lively community. COMP has about 242K Twitter followers, more than 45K Reddit subscribers, and 19K members on their Discord channel.

Mainly because of Compound’s user-friendly UI and governance transparency, it has become famous among users. COMP is the sixth-largest decentralized finance app and third-largest lending pool in the Decentralized Finance space.

MakerDAO (MKR)

MRK allows users to borrow a stablecoin called DAI while using their cryptocurrency holdings as collateral. Holders of the MakerDAO token are the ones who govern the protocol. As decentralized finance keeps growing, MKR is well-positioned to play a tangible role in the space by giving users access to stabilized, non-centralized lending and borrowing options.

MakerDAO has more than 240K followers on Twitter. Also, it has a Reddit community with more than 34K subscribers and 7K members on its Discord channel.

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Alchemix (ALCX)

This is another fascinating take on DeFi. This protocol provides loans that offset themselves via yield-generating plans. ALCX gives users the chance to deposit tokens that take loans against themselves in the ratio of 1:2. The saved cryptos are kept in the Yearn vaults to accumulate yields, The generated yields are then used to offset the loans that were taken by users.

ALCX isn’t that active on social media, as it only has 72.8K Twitter followers, just 10K members on its Discord channel, and about 1.1K members on its subreddit.

C.R.E.A.M Finance (CREAM)

This non-centralized lending protocol provides the means for accessing financial services, pushing the limits of what decentralized finance can do. C.R.E.A.M is a part of the ecosystem. It is also an open-source blockchain protocol, and it serves users on the Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, and Binance Smart Chains. Users with Ethereum or wBTC can save their crypto on the C.R.E.A.M. protocol to earn yields; similar to how money in traditional bank accounts earns interest. This protocol has about 80.5K followers on Twitter, while they have just 329 members on the subreddit.

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Decentralized Institutional Investments

The highly volatile nature of cryptocurrency hasn’t stopped investors from investing in DeFi projects. Institutions are increasingly interested in DeFi; for example, banks are beginning to invest in cryptocurrency custody organizations. Likewise, the Bank of New York, for example, is working with Chainalysis to monitor and analyze cryptocurrency products.

To Investors

Although institutions are becoming more interested in DeFi, more of its future development will heavily depend on regulatory results. In June last year, the World Economic Forum published a policy toolkit on decentralized finance regulation. Furthermore, the TRUST Act of the United States could make stablecoin regulated and accepted as part of the mainstream financial system.
Investors looking into the DeFi space ought to keep in mind that it’s still in its developmental stage. Although the sector has huge risk potential, it has greater rewards.

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