AlgoBot Sessions for TradingView

Harness the power of global market hours with AlgoBot Sessions, an innovative indicator for TradingView designed to visually represent various trading sessions directly on your charts. This tool is perfect for traders who need to synchronize their strategies with the specific market hours of major financial centers like London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Key Features:

Customizable Sessions:

Tailor up to four trading sessions with options for London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney. Define trading hours, choose to display session names, and highlight session boxes for more apparent visual distinction.

Dynamic Time Zone Support:

Adjust the timezone settings to match your local time or the specific market you are trading, ensuring you always have the correct session times displayed.

Visibility Options:

Show only the last session to keep your chart uncluttered, or display all sessions for a comprehensive view of the trading day.

Session-Specific Indicators:

For each session, show or hide minimum and maximum price levels, extend them to visualize their range throughout the trading day, and measure the price range in absolute values and pips.

Enhanced Charting Tools:

Enable options to display daily separators and customizable session stripes. Marking the beginning of each trading day and visually representing session durations will add depth to your chart analysis.

Interactivity and Customization:

Set colors and opacity for session boxes and stripes, allowing personalized chart aesthetics to match your trading setup.

AlgoBot Sessions isn’t just about marking time; it’s about giving traders the clarity and precision needed to align their strategies with the pulse of global financial markets. Add AlgoBot Sessions to your TradingView toolkit today and trade in sync with the world’s major markets.

AlgoBot Sessions Key Features Summary:

  • Visualize on the chart up to 4 sessions.
  • Sessions time is fully customizable and includes timezone and trading hours.
  • Option to hide all previous sessions except the last ones.
  • Minimum and Maximum price of the session labels with toggle.
  • Optional Min/Max lines that can be extended to the beginning of the new session.
  • Customizable data label with name, price range, and pips range.
  • Daily separator helps in quick price action assessment for a given day.
  • Session stripes subtly show the session periods and their overlaps.
  • Customizable colors and the possibility to toggle each of the elements.

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