AlgoBot Decision Points Indicator for TradingView

Experience a new level of trading efficiency with the AlgoBot Decision Points Indicator, an advanced tool exclusively designed for the TradingView platform. This state-of-the-art indicator empowers traders to identify pivotal Decision Points, including POI and Exhaustion/Exit points on price charts, enabling strategic entry and exit in trades. The POI point signifies a market in a state of decision, while the EX point indicates the potential end of the last short-term swing.

Key Features

POI & Exhaustion/Exit Points Settings:

Refine your trading strategy with the AlgoBot Decision Points Indicator’s sensitivity settings, which you can adjust with a simple scale. This flexibility allows traders to set the sensitivity level that suits their trading style, with higher sensitivity providing early alerts to decision points and potential exhaustion points and lower numbers offering a more precise signal.

Customizable Alerts:

Take charge of your trading with the AlgoBot Decision Points Indicator’s customizable alerts. These alerts update you when the price reaches a decision point or when potential exhaustion suggests it might be time to take profits or exit a trade. You can set these alerts to trigger at candle close for confirmed signals or ‘Once per candle’ for early, though possibly less confirmed, signals. Craft alert messages with dynamic placeholders for the ticker, exchange, price levels, and more, ensuring you receive all the relevant information at a glance and making your trading experience more convenient.

Theme Customization:

A visually intuitive interface allows you to select the shape, size, and location of markings on your chart, with options such as Arrow Down, Cross, Triangle, and more. You can also adjust the color intensity and visibility to your preference, ensuring a clear and personalized view of the market’s movements.

AlgoBot Decision Points indicator is a must-have for traders looking to gain an edge in the markets by pinpointing critical moments for potential price moves. With this indicator, you’re not just following the trends but anticipating them.

How to read POI & EX signals

POI (Point of Interest) signals indicate the potential commencement of a new price movement within the next few bars on the chart. While they do not explicitly specify the direction of this impending move, traders can make informed predictions by analyzing recent price action, prevailing trends, and other contextual factors. On the other hand, EX (Exhaustion) points signify areas on the price chart where exhaustion in the ongoing price movement is anticipated, often correlating with the culmination of the last price swing. However, it’s important to note that an EX point does not necessarily imply a reversal; rather, it could denote a period of consolidation and then the initiation of another leg in the same direction. Typically, EX points present opportune moments for traders to consider taking partial profits or closing a trade, allowing them to await further price clarification before making their next move. POI and EX points should be taken as concentration launchers for the trader, who should analyze the signal location and plan the trade according to the strategy used and money management.

AlgoBot Decision Points Key Features Summary:

  • Mark important decision points on the chart.
  • Fine-tune the sensitivity of point detection with ease.
  • POI doesn’t show direction – informs about the upcoming new move.
  • EX marks a place where the market can reverse or pause.
  • Markings are fully customizable. Decide about location, shape, and colors.
  • Flexible alerts will inform you about any new decision points with text as you want.

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