AlgoBot Bands for TradingView

Unlock the full potential of your trading strategy with AlgoBot Bands, the sophisticated and customizable indicator developed for the intuitive TradingView platform. We designed AlgoBot Bands to cater to novice and veteran traders, offering a suite of adaptable settings that fine-tune your market analysis and elevate your trading performance.

Key Features

Flexible Center Line Determination:

Choose from various Moving Averages such as EMA, SMA, and more to define the core of your analysis, allowing for tailored insights into market trends.

ATR/Standard Deviation Band Calculation:

Configure your bands with precision by opting for ATR or Standard Deviation methods. Adjust the period for a tailored depiction of market volatility, ensuring your analysis is as responsive or smooth as your strategy demands.

Adjustable Band Levels:

Empower your strategy with three customizable band levels, each with its multiplier. These settings provide a precise visual gauge of market volatility and potential price channels.

Intelligent Alert System:

Benefit from an advanced alert system that notifies you when the price exits, re-enters the trend channel, or pinbar patterns approach the bands. Customize alerts with placeholders to fit your tracking requirements.

Innovative Calibration Helper:

Leverage the calibration helper to optimize your settings for maximum relevance to pivot points. It is backed by a scoring system that grades the fit of your bands.

Customizable Visual Experience:

Personalize your charts with gradient-filled bands or solid fill. Use an extensive color palette for all indicator components to ensure your analysis is insightful and visually compelling.

Squeeze Dot Visualization:

Understand market compression levels with unique squeeze dot indicators at a glance, adding depth to your market analysis.

AlgoBot Bands is more than just an indicator; it comes with detailed tooltips for each setting, making customization intuitive and ensuring you can tailor the tool to your precise trading style.

Enhance your TradingView experience with AlgoBot Bands and expand your trading with refined market insights and analysis.

AlgoBot Bands Key Features Summary:

  • Choose one of the different moving averages as your Center Line.
  • Set the source of the price used for calculation.
  • The indicator calculates the Bands as ATR or Standard Deviation multiplier.
  • Switch different elements ON or OFF. Show Center Line or not, show band midline or not, prefer not to use gradient fill – no problem.
  • Use helpful squeeze dots to know when the price action is compressing and when a dynamic price move is possible.
  • Three customizable alerts are available to inform you about price exits or entering the channel and a pinbar that occurred inside the band -possible reversal.
  • It has a unique feature to help you calibrate the bands.
  • Play with colors, and make AlgoBot Bands look as you want.

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