1. Open a new chart with the coin you want to create a setup for. In this case we use BTCUSDT as an example, you can choose the timeframe as you wish.
  2. Click on indicators on the top bar and search for Algobot
  3. Load the “AlgoBot” indicator onto the chart by double clicking it

    Check the tooltip for the necessary information in order to know what to choose
  4. After choosing the correct accuracy you will see Algobot added to the chart
  5. Create a setup to your satisfaction or use the default values
  6. Create an alert on the Algobot indicator

  7. Send it to the MAKE webhook that you created in MAKE (see MAKE tutorial)
  8. Wait for BUY/SELL signals to be triggered and appear in your private Telegram
  9. Trade the signals manually, or automatically with Cornix (See Cornix tutorial).