Copytrading Forex with AVAtrade and Signalstart

First we need to create an account with our suggested broker AVAtrade

After filling in your profile info and completing all steps your AVAtrade account will be created:

The login info you will need to login into the MT4/MT5 program.
Download MT4 or MT5 for AVAtrade and install it on your PC

Once successfully installed open the program, login to your AVAtrade account (login to existing account) and it should look like this:

Now your AVAtrade account is running live in MT4/MT5. Our balance is 0 USD for demo purposes so the next step would be to fund the account through any of the below options:

Next register and create an account on signalstart

Fill in the information below and press continue. Signalstart will connect to your AVA trade account

After the connection is successfully established you can start following signals.
Now search for algobot and you will find our signals

When you click copy it will ask to buy a subscription

After purchasing the subscription you are all set to autotrade algobot forex signals. Press the settings icon and change the following settings.

1a) General Tab for $1000 capital (0.01 lot per order, one trade is 4 orders so 0.01 each)

1b) General Tab for $2000 capital (0.02 lot per order, one trade is 4 orders so 0.02 each)

2) Symbol Tab – search for GERMANY_40 and then add an alias for it. In AvaTrade it is GERMANY_40 or GER_40.SBg (if one uses Spread Betting account type).

When everything is saved and configured the trades will open in your MT4/5 application as shown below. Trade safely!