Cornix: connect with Binance

When you visit start your 14 day free trial in the top right screen or subscribe to a paid plan right away.

First we need to connect an exchange to the Cornix platform.

Connect CORNIX with Binance

  1. Choose Binance Quick Connect as the fastest method.

    A pop up window asks to login with your Binance credentials. Log in and allow Cornix to access the necessary actions.

  2. Choose the API keys method as an alternative: go to dashboard and choose API management in Account settings

    Choose create API in the top right corner

    Choose system generated API keys.

    Give your keys a name (for example “Cornix”)

    Complete the necessary security measurements to continue.

    The initial screen will look like this:

    First copy the Cornix’s IP addresses from the login page that you still have open.

    and paste them in the “Restrict access to trusted IPs only” field in your Binance API screen.
    Then check “Enable Futures” and “Enable Reading”

    Then paste API key and API secret in the correct fields.

    Finally press “Connect”
    Press “Folllow a group” and “Connect Account”