Top 10 Best Trading Bots of 2024: In-Depth Reviews & Comparisons

Looking for a trading bot to automate your investments? Some trading bots offer an autonomous service, meaning you can sit back and allow the bot to trade for you. However, not all bots are credible – most lose money.

In this guide, we review the 10 best trading bots for 2024. Compare legitimate trading bots for past performance, maximum drawdown, risk tolerance, supported markets, pricing, and much more.

List of the Top Trading Bots for 2024: 

Here’s a list of the 10 best trading bots in the market today: 

  1. Algobot – A fully autonomous algorithmic bot, Algobot trades so you don’t have to. It operates 24/7, has a historical win rate of over 82%, and trades multiple asset classes – including forex, crypto, and commodities.
  2. GPS Forex Robot – An established forex trading bot that largely focuses on major pairs like GBP/USD and EUR/USD. Claims to have a 98% win rate since inception, but we could not verify this.
  3. Cryptohopper – Build a custom trading bot without any coding or programming experience. Simply choose your indicators and triggers via a drag-and-drop framework – Cryptohopper will then trade on your behalf.
  4. Quantum Emperor MT5 – An automated trading bot for MT5 and MT4, Quantum Emperor MT5 specializes in GBP/USD exclusively. It has a solid track record but retails for $1,699.99.
  5. One Gold MT4 – A popular gold trading bot for the MT4 platform, One Gold MT4 focuses on the 1-hour time frame. Key features include multiple risk settings, profit optimization, and a news filter that blocks trades before a big economic event.
  6. 3Commas – A great option for crypto investors who want to dollar-cost average their positions. 3Commas automates the process; simply choose your DCA preferences and then connect the bot to a crypto exchange.
  7. MAX NoLimit – High-risk investors might like MAX NoLimit, an established bot that uses leverage of up to 1:500. Focusing primarily on EUR/USD, this trading bot is up over 9,000% since launching in 2019.
  8. Tickeron – One of the top trading bots for stocks, Tickeron offers plenty of automated strategies to choose from. This includes intraday and swing trading on US-listed stocks, covering a combination of technical and fundamental analysis.
  9. Forex Fury – Another automated forex trading bot, Forex Fury claims a win rate of 93%. Compatible with MT4 and MT5, Forex Fury trades can trade major, minor, and exotic currency pairs.
  10. Pionex – Offers an all-in-one package, Pionex is an online broker that doubles up as a trading bot. With multiple strategies supported, you can auto-trade crypto assets without needing to connect to a third-party

Top 10 Best Trading Bots of 2024: In-Depth Reviews & Comparisons

We’ll now discuss the top 10 trading bots in a lot more detail. Read on to choose the right trading bot for your financial goals and risk tolerance. 

1. Algobot – The Overall Best Trading Bot for 2024

Algobot is an algorithmic bot with a historical win rate of over 82%. Built with over 100 technical indicators and thousands of lines of code, Algobot functions on artificial intelligence and machine learning. It scans multiple financial markets simultaneously, looking for buy and sell signals. This includes everything from stocks, indices, and forex to precious metals, energies, and crypto.

Once Algobot finds a profitable trading opportunity, it sends signals to the members-only Telegram group. This details the instrument, buy/sell order, and the suggested entry and exit prices. Algobot is also compatible with third-party trading platforms. This means it can be integrated with your favorite online brokers and exchanges, offering a completely passive experience.

This is because Algobot will automatically place the suggested orders on your behalf. Simply sit back and allow your money to work for you. Algobot is compatible with all chart time frames and you can even choose your own risk setting. This includes conservative, balanced, and aggressive. Most importantly, you can run Algobot in demo mode to ensure it’s right for your trading goals.

This means Algobot will trade in live market conditions without risking any capital. Algobot is suitable for all skill sets – especially first-time traders. After choosing a subscription, you’ll be sent step-by-step instructions on how to get started. You’ll also have access to premium customer support should you need further assistance.


  • The best trading bot for beginners and seasoned pros alike
  • Receive buy and sell signals via Telegram
  • Connect Algobot to third-party platforms for automated trading
  • Specializes in multiple assets, including forex, crypto, stocks, and indices
  • A historical win rate of over 82% since inception
  • More than three years’ worth of backtesting


  • Only available as a monthly subscription
  • No guarantee that you will make money

2. GPS Forex Robot – Established Forex Trading Robot Focusing on Major Pairs 

Next is GPS Forex Robot, an established forex trading robot that offers an automated service. After you’ve downloaded the software, GPS Forex Robot will begin trading currencies on your behalf. You’ll need to upload the software file to MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and configure your risk settings. It’s best to start with a demo account, as GPS Forex Robot makes a lot of bold claims.

For instance, it claims to have a historical win rate of 98%. This means that over thousands of trades, only 2% have returned a loss. Nonetheless, GPS Forex Robot seems to be popular with forex traders. After all, it charges just $149 as a one-time fee. While this is competitive, one-off payments are risky. Why? Well, GPS Forex Robot isn’t motivated to constantly monitor and improve its algorithm.

GPS Forex Robot review

This is because it’s already collected your funds. Nevertheless, GPS Forex Robot claims to have a ‘reverse’ strategy when positions don’t go to plan. This means it opens an opposite trade to the original position. For example, if it’s long on GBP/USD, it will close the position before entering a short trade. GPS Forex Robot specializes exclusively in currencies, so you won’t be able to trade other asset classes.


  • Established trading bot specializing in forex
  • Mainly trades low-risk pairs like EUR/USD
  • Compatible with MT4
  • Takes under five minutes to get started


  • Makes bold claims that we were unable to verify
  • Charges a one-off fee, meaning it’s not motivated to make improvements
  • Doesn’t trade other asset classes
  • Customer service is only available via email
  • Poor ratings in the public domain

3. Cryptohopper – Build a Custom Crypto Trading Bot Without Code  

Cryptohopper is one of the best trading bots to build custom strategies. This means you won’t be opting for a premade template. On the contrary, you’ll be building a trading bot from the ground up. Crucially, you won’t need to have any coding or programming knowledge. This is because Cryptohopper employs a drag-and-drop framework. This is based on the if-then concept.

For instance, suppose you want to buy Bitcoin when it drops by more than 3% in a 12-hour period. The ‘if’ is Bitcoin’s price declining in value by 3%. When this is triggered, the ‘then’ kicks in. This means the bot will automatically buy Bitcoin. Now, this is a basic example of how to use Cryptohopper. It also supports technical indicators like the MACD, Moving Averages, and Bollinger Bands.

Cryptohopper review

For instance, you could instruct your bot to short-sell Ethereum if the RSI hits 75. The possibilities are endless. Cryptohopper also offers automated bots that have been pre-programmed. This covers various strategies, including dollar-cost averaging and social trading. That said, a drawback is that Cryptohopper only supports crypto assets. Moreover, full functionality costs $129 per month, which will be too pricey for casual investors.


  • Create your own trading bot without coding experience
  • Simple drag-and-drop framework
  • Triggers include technical indicators, volume, and pricing
  • Offers a free trial for new users
  • Also comes with pre-programmed strategies


  • Only supports crypto assets
  • Full functionality costs $129 per month

4. Quantum Emperor MT5 – Top-Rated Expert Advisor for the GBP/USD Markets     

We found that Quantum Emperor MT5 is one of the best trading bots for GBP/USD. Otherwise known as an expert advisor, this trading bot is compatible with MetaTrader 5 (MT5). This popular trading platform connects with hundreds of online brokers. You simply need to upload the bot into MT5, connect it with a broker, and that’s it – Quantum Emperor MT5 will begin trading.

It specializes in the 1-hour time frame on GBP, so it’s important to configure the settings on MT5. All trading positions come with a 250-pip stop-loss order, ensuring sensible risk management. What’s more, the bot recommends a minimum trading bankroll of $1,000. This might be a drawback for casual traders. In addition, this is one of the most expensive bots in the market – it costs $1,699.99 for a lifetime license.

Quantum Emperor MT5 review

All that being said, Quantum Emperor MT5 has excellent reviews from existing customers. It has a 4.98/5 rating alongside 221 independent reviews. Moreover, the bot has been trading for 13 years. Quantum Emperor MT5 trades 24/7, so the developer suggests using a VPN. Like all MetaTrader bots, you can initially deploy Quantum Emperor MT5 in demo mode.  Finally, this trading bot is also competitive with MT4.


  • One of the best trading bots for GBP/USD
  • More than 13 years worth of historical data
  • Excellent reviews from existing users
  • Trades 24/7 on the 1-hour time frame
  • Compatible with MT4 and MT5


  • Retails for $1,699.99
  • Recommended minimum bankroll of $1,000
  • Only works if you’re using a low-spread broker

5. One Gold MT4 – Popular Gold Trading Bot for the MT4 Platform     

Next on this list of the best trading bots is One Gold MT4. This is the leading trading bot for gold price speculation. With over a decade of backtesting, One Gold MT4’s ideal time frame is the 1-hour chart. Traders can choose from multiple risk strategies. Conservative mode suggests a minimum deposit of just $100. While Intensive mode suggests $500.

That said, leverage of 1:30 is suggested even in Conservative mode, so you’ll need to assess whether this aligns with your risk tolerance. In addition, the bot connects with NeuroRisk tools. This includes NeuroRisk Predictor, which enables the bot to predict market trends based on analytical patterns. It also uses NeuroProfit Optimizer to assess the most suitable entry and exit order prices.

One Gold MT4 review

One Gold MT4 is very simple to install. You’ll need to download the bot file and upload it to MT4. After configuring the suggested settings, you can connect MT4 with your preferred broker. The bot scalps small margins, so the broker must offer tight spreads on gold. Now for the bad news – One Gold MT4 costs $1,500. This will increase later in 2024.  Therefore, you’ll need to win a lot of trades just to cover the upfront cost.


  • One of the top trading bots for gold
  • Backtested for more than a decade
  • 4.86/5 rating on MQL5
  • Specializes in the 1-hour time frame
  • 685% gains over the prior 56 weeks


  • Retails for $1,500 – price increase coming soon
  • Recommends using leverage of 1:3 in Conversation mode
  • Will only work when using a low-spread gold broker

6. 3Commas – Reputable Dollar-Cost Averaging Bot for Crypto Investors     

3Commas is also one of the best trading bots in the crypto asset space. Among other strategies, this trading bot specializes in dollar-cost averaging. This means you can invest in crypto in small but frequent amounts. The idea is simple; you’ll reduce your long-term risk by making bite-sized purchases, ensuring you avoid entering the market at the peak.

While dollar-cost averaging can be done manually, 3Commas streamlines the process perfectly. For instance, rather than dollar-cost averaging Bitcoin once a week, why not make purchases every hour? This is easily achieved with 3Commas and will ensure you avoid sudden market spikes. In addition, 3Commas makes it simple to dollar-cost average diversified portfolios.

3Commas review

For example, you might want to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, XRP, Shiba Inu, and other popular altcoins. You can also build a custom dollar-cost averaging strategy with bespoke triggers. For instance, you might want to buy Ethereum every time it drops by 1% from its previous peak. In terms of pricing, this trading bot costs just $4 per month, but you’ll be capped to 25 active deals. Full functionality will set you back $79 per month.


  • Best trading bot to dollar-cost average crypto assets
  • Choose your own trigger points
  • Connects to leading crypto exchanges via an API
  • Prices start from $5 per month
  • Also supports TradingView signals


  • Not suited for short-term investors
  • Only supports crypto
  • Full functionality costs $79 per month

7. MAX NoLimit – High-Risk EUR/USD Trading Bot With 1:500 Leverage      

If you’ve got a high appetite for risk, then MAX NoLimit could be the best trading bot for you. It trades with high leverage limits, often up to 1:500. This means you’ll need to be comfortable with high drawdown rates. What’s more, MAX NoLimit utilized the martingale system. This means stakes increase after each losing position. This continues until the trade returns a profit.

All that being said, MAX NoLimit has enjoyed great success since launching in 2019. Verifiable data shows the bot is up over 9,000% since inception. It also has a reliability score of 4/5 on MQL5. It places six trades on average per week with an average holding time of two days. This shows the bot takes an active swing trading strategy.

MAX NoLimit trading bot review

In terms of getting started, MAX NoLimit is compatible with MT4. It charges a monthly subscription fee of $50. You can cancel at any time. In terms of drawbacks, some users note they’re unable to increase the minimum lot size. This is hindering their ability to trade with larger amounts. There are also complaints about MAX NoLimit increasing its price for the third time in recent months.


  • High-risk trading bot with 9,000% gains
  • Incepted in 2019
  • Charges just $50 per month 
  • Compatible with MT4 
  • Utilizes an active swing trading strategy  


  • Often uses leverage of up to 1:500
  • Complaints from users about being unable to increase lot sizes
  • Maximum drawdown of 20.6%

8. Tickeron – Legitimate Stock Trading Bots With API Integration        

One of the best trading bots for stocks is Tickeron. This is an established provider that offers lots of products and services. This includes automated charting tools, market screeners, and risk management simulations. That said, if you’re looking to take a hands-off approach to investing, Tickeron offers plenty of stock trading bots.

This includes a swing trading bot that trades high-volatility stocks. Since its inception almost 1,800 days ago, the bot has produced an average annualized return of 60%. There’s also a stock trading bot that places long-term positions. It leverages the Valuation and Hurst Model, resulting in 15% average annualized gains since inception.

Tickeron stock trading robots

Crucially, you can connect your chosen trading bot to an online broker via an API. This is a safe and hassle-free way of getting started – full instructions are provided after paying for a subscription. When it comes to pricing, you’ll need an intermediate plan to access stock trading bots. This gets you just one bot and costs $90 per month. For $145 per month, you can use an unlimited number of bots.


  • Offers some of the best trading bots for stocks
  • Multiple strategies to choose from – including swing trading
  • Great returns over an extended period of time
  • Also offers bots for crypto and forex
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android


  • More suitable for advanced traders
  • $90 per month for just one trading strategy
  • $145 per month for unlimited robots

9. Forex Fury – Fully Automated Forex Trading Bot Supporting All Currency Pairs         

Next is Forex Fury, which is also considered one of the best trading bots for forex. It offers a fully automated service, meaning you can trade currencies without lifting a finger. Forex Fury scans the markets on your behalf and will place trading orders accordingly. It can trade all currency pairs, including majors, minors, and exotics. What’s more, it can also trade crypto assets and indices.

That said, Forex Fury is another trading bot that makes bold claims. It claims to have a historical win rate of 93%, although we were unable to verify this. In terms of compatibility, Forex Fury connects with multiple third-party platforms. This includes MT4 and MT5. The bot comes with three risk strategies – low, medium, and high.

Forex Fury review

Forex Fury charges a one-time fee. You’ll pay $249.99 for one live account. This increases to $459.99 for two accounts. Both products come with free updates for life. Forex Fury doesn’t offer a free trial, which is a major drawback. What’s more, it doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, which is another red flag. Nonetheless, once installed, the bot aims to make gains of 10-20% per month.


  • Popular forex trading bot offering an automated service
  • Trades all currency pairs – plus crypto and indices
  • Compatible with multiple platforms, including MT4 and MT5
  • Claims a historical win rate of 93%
  • Aims for 10-20% gains per month


  • We were unable to verify its win rate claims
  • No free trial or money-back guarantee
  • One-off price of $249.99

10. Pionex – Regulated Online Broker With Auto Trading Crypto Bots

Pionex is one of the best trading bots for beginners. This is because it offers an all-in-one package, meaning you won’t need to connect to a third-party platform. Pionex is a regulated online broker, so all buy and sell orders are facilitated on its platform. It specializes in crypto assets, with nearly 380 markets supported. This includes everything from Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum to Shiba Inu and Solana.

There are 16 trading bot strategies to choose from, all operating autonomously. What’s more, you can use the current settings or adjust them to meet your own goals and risk tolerance. One of the most popular strategies is the leveraged grid bot. This places long and short orders with leverage, ensuring that profits can be made in bull and bear markets. Another popular strategy is the trailing sell.

Pionex review

This should be deployed when you’re in a prolonged upward market. The bot will ensure you avoid selling too early or too late. There are also crypto futures bots, not to mention strategies for dollar-cost averaging. Best of all, you can use any Pionex trading bot for free. That said, you’ll still need to cover trading commissions. Pionex charges just 0.05% per slide, which is very competitive.


  • Regulated online broker offering free trading bots
  • 16 bot strategies to choose from
  • No need to connect with a third-party platform
  • Supports almost 380 crypto markets
  • Trading commissions of just 0.05% per slide


  • Doesn’t support non-crypto assets
  • Some strategies require leverage – which increases the risk
  • Bot past performance is not published

What are Trading Bots?

Robots, or ‘bots’, offer a level of automation when trading the financial markets. They’re pre-programmed algorithms that automate tasks, such as technical analysis, chart drawing, and market scanning. Bots not only save traders time but they’re ideal for beginners. After all, learning how to trade financial instruments successfully takes years to perfect. This is especially the case when performing technical analysis, as it’s a fine art that requires time and effort. 

For instance, on most days, seasoned intraday traders spend hours researching chart patterns. Due to human limitations, traders can only analyze one financial instrument at a time. In contrast, trading bots have no limitations. They can analyze multiple financial markets simultaneously. This makes traders more efficient, as they’re able to scan many different asset classes without dedicating additional time.

Some of the best trading bots offer a fully autonomous service. In simple terms, this means the bot will trade on your behalf. It will scan the markets, assess the best entry and exit prices, and place orders accordingly. This means you can trade the financial markets 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Algobot, for example, connects to forex brokers, crypto exchanges, CFD trading platforms, and more.

All that’s needed is a third-party connection like Cornix or PineConnector. Ultimately, trading bots are built with advanced capabilities. They can analyze vast data sets by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. This gives users the best chance possible of making consistent gains. However, not all trading bots are legitimate. Lots of independent research is needed before proceeding.

Comparison and Analysis of the Top 10 Trading Bots

There are thousands of trading bots in the market covering forex, crypto, stocks, and everything in between. This makes choosing the right bot a daunting task.

This section explains our methodology when ranking the top 10 trading bots for this guide. This will help you decide on the best bot for your trading goals and risk tolerance. 

Type of Trading Bot

First, you’ll need to choose the type of trading bot that interests you.

  • Automated Trading Bot: Some investors want a passive trading experience. In a nutshell, this means setting the bot up and then leaving it to trade. No manual input is required. The bot does everything on your behalf. Not only research the markets but place entry, stop-loss, and take-profit orders. This is one of the services offered by Algobot.
  • Semi-Automated Trading Bot: Our market research found that some investors are uncomfortable using a fully automated bot. If this sounds like you, then a semi-automated bot is likely the best option. You can still skip the technical and fundamental research processes, as the bot will send buy and sell signals. However, you’ll need to place the suggested orders yourself, rather than allowing the bot to do it for you.
  • Research and Analysis Bot: Some bots are designed to streamline research and analysis tasks for traders. For instance, the bot can perform technical analysis across multiple forex charts. The trader can then make their own judgment about which orders to place. Algobot, for example, connects to TradingView charts. This means Algobot signals can be incorporated into your technical analysis.
  • Custom Bot: You can also build a bot yourself from the ground up. Many providers offer a drag-and-drop system. This means you won’t need any coding experience. Simply choose your indicator (e.g. RSI) and trigger points (e.g. buy at 35 RSI reading). The bot will execute orders as per your settings. You can also test-drive your custom bot in historical and live market conditions.

Supported Assets and Markets

You might have noticed that the best trading bots usually specialize in one asset class. For example, some trading bots only trade currency pairs, while others focus on crypto. With this in mind, think about the type of assets you want to trade. You can then find a suitable bot based on your preferences. In addition, you’ll also need to explore which markets the bot trades within the respective asset class.

What markets can trading bots trade?

For example, some forex bots only trade major currency pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD. Similarly, some commodity bots might only trade precious metals such as gold and silver. If you want to trade energies like oil and natural gas, you’d need a specialist bot. Algobot, on the other hand, is suitable for most financial markets. This includes hard and soft commodities, stocks, indices, crypto, and forex. This allows you to gain exposure to multiple assets and markets.

Past Performance 

Past performance is one of the most important metrics when researching trading bots. However, getting accurate and reliable data can be an issue. For example, many trading bots will publish a ‘win rate’ percentage. This is the percentage of trades that have returned a profit. For example, suppose the bot has entered 10,000 positions. If 8,000 were profitable, that’s a win rate of 80%.

The key issue is that many bot providers don’t back up their claims. This means users don’t have a way to verify the stated results. In addition, the win rate doesn’t help you understand the return on investment (ROI). This is an even more relevant figure, as it shows how much money you would have made based on your original investment.

Testing a Trading Bot

  • You should never activate a trading bot without testing it yourself.
  • This means testing the bot in live market conditions.
  • You’ll be using virtual funds on a platform like MT4, so you won’t be risking any money.
  • The longer the testing period, the more validity the results have.
  • At a minimum, we’d suggest testing a bot for at least a month.

Reputation in the Public Domain

The best trading bots have an excellent reputation in the public domain. However, you’ll need to do lots of digging to get the full picture. For example, search the bot’s name on Google and see what results pop up. You’ll likely find some reviews and ratings on Trustpilot. We’d suggest ignoring reviews if they only have ‘One Contribution’. This is because the review could be fake, paid for by the bot provider. This is a common strategy in the bot space, so be cautious.

Reddit is another good way to get information on trading bots. You could even post a new thread asking for feedback from existing users. Once again, be vigilant, as Reddit is an anonymous forum. What’s more, if the bot is sold on MT4/MT5 marketplaces, you’ll have access to plenty of reliable data. This can’t be doctored by the bot provider, as the data is fed directly into MetaTrader when positions are placed.


Pricing should also be when exploring the best trading bots. For a start, you’ll want to ensure the bot offers good value for money. This should be determined by its historical track record, including its past performance, win rate, and reviews in the public domain. The price should also align with your trading budget.

For example, Quantum Emperor MT5 and One Gold MT4 retail for almost $1,700 and $1, 500 respectively. While they have a solid reputation, you might never recoup your investment if you’re trading small amounts. Instead, these trading bots are aimed at traders with larger bankrolls.

You should also assess the risks of purchasing a one-time license. After all, the bot provider has no motivation to continuously improve. In contrast, Algobot charges a monthly subscription. Algobot has a full-time team monitoring its performance, making algorithmic upgrades accordingly. This ensures that Algobot maximizes profits for customers long term.

Tips for Maximizing the Effectiveness of Trading Bots

Trading bots can take your investment portfolio to the next level. Before getting started, consider the following tips:

  • Start With Demo Mode: Most importantly, you should always test a bot in demo mode. The longer, the better. This will give you a clear idea of how the bot performs in live market conditions. The best way to do this is to open a free demo account with an MT4 broker. You can then connect the demo account to MT4. Next, upload the bot to MT4 and activate it in demo mode. This means it will begin trading with risk-free funds.
  • Diversification: Never put all of your investment funds into one trading bot. This is a recipe for disaster. Instead, it’s best to create a diversified portfolio of bots. For example, suppose you’ve got $600 to invest in trading bots. You could allocate $150 to four different bots. Each bot could trade a different financial market, such as gold, EUR/USD, Bitcoin, and the S&P 500.
  • Constant Monitoring: Never assume your trading bot can make a profit indefinitely. The financial markets operate in a fast-paced ecosystem, so the bot must adapt accordingly. This means the bot should be tweaked regularly. This is something that Algobot does on behalf of its members. This ensures that members always have the most up-to-date trading bot in the market.
  • Choose the Right Trading Platform: Selecting the right trading bot is half the battle. You also need to ensure you’re using a suitable trading platform. The platform should support all of the markets the bot wants to trade. It should also offer competitive trading commissions and tight spreads. What’s more, the platform should be regulated by reputable financial bodies.
  • Bankroll Management: You’ll need to set your own trading stakes when configuring a bot. Make sure you follow a sensible bankroll management strategy. This means limiting how much money the bot can risk on a single trade. We’d suggest starting with a 1% strategy. This means the bot will never risk more than 1% of your available balance.


We’ve revealed the 10 best trading bots for 2024, covering every asset class and market imageable. If you’re looking for a fully-automated trading experience, you’ll like Algobot.

Put simply, Algobot connects with all popular brokers, allowing you to passively trade the markets 24/7. This includes crypto, forex, indices, stocks, and more. To date, Algobot has a backtested win rate of over 82%.


Are trading bots legal?

Yes, trading bots are legal around the world. In fact, trading platforms encourage bot usage, as it means more commissions.

Are there any free trading bots?

Yes, there are many free trading bots in the market. However, using a free trading bot doesn’t make sense. After all, why would the developer spend years perfecting the bot, to then give it away for free?

Do professional traders use bots?

Yes, professional traders – including hedge funds, have been using bots for many years. Ultimately, bots can outperform human traders in most departments.